Monday, November 2, 2015

Lee McClure Youtube
Classical Music Videos 
With montage of landscape photography:
Symphony No.1 - Montage for symphonic orchestra, electric violin, Jazz drums (8½  min)

Elohim And Adam for soprano, narrator and orchestra (7½ min)

Film Noir Memoir for solo piano (5 min)

Through A Glass Darkly for electric flute (5 min)

Litany to the Holy Spirit for chorus and piano with subtitles (14½ min)

Hiatus for orchestra / video of LIVE CONCERT (10 min)

Suite from The Voyage for two pianos (11 min)
Cerulean Narrows for orchestra / excerpt (2 min)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lee McClure CD's and Links:

Lee McClure’s 10 minute orchestral piece: “Cerulean Narrows”:

2004 CD: Lee McClure Electric Flute

2008 CD: Lee McClure Ensemble - A Jazz Christmas Like You’ve Never Heard

2011 CD: Lee McClure Trio - Black Light

McClure Essay: “What Happened to Modern Art?”